Tuesday, 31 October 2017


As the door slammed  I knew that I did not have much time. The phone in my pocket started to vibrate. It was agent James "where are you?"
"I am in a house ready to get shot."I said back. "How much time do you have?" "5 minutes"
"how fast can you get here" "
10 minutes" James said then  get going. Then I hung up. I started to stack barrels into a barrier. The sound  outside was not good, A gun was being primed   I could hear it... Hols started to appear every where this is my end.

news report

on 20th Dec harry scorn was shocked to fined a 3 forth buried body in his fish pond. Police rushed to the Sean the body belongs to Fred hay. Police still think that he was killed by Galilean egret bus still dont now for shore.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

my speech

Together we can…..

Do something to slow down climate change

What is climate change

The sun shines on the earth and it warms us up. The heat would escape quickly back to space except that around the earth is the atmosphere - lots of molecules of air. Certain gasses in the atmosphere act like a blanket and trap the heat of the sun. Two you might have heard of are Methane and Carbon Dioxide - the gases are called greenhouse gasses as they act just like the glass in a greenhouse or a car window on a hot day

In the last 200 years, people have been doing lots of things that have increased the amount of greenhouse gasses. This includes

Burning fossil fuels
A Lot of anamels  fart out Methane
Burning down or removing forests like the Amazon Rainforest that store heaps of Carbon and help keep our air clean

Because the amount of greenhouses gasses has increased, it’s a bit like putting an extra blanket on your bed - the amount of heat trapped by the atmosphere has increased. The overall temperature of the planet has increased so some people call this Global Warming or even better CLimate change

Why is it a problem
I have seen some of the effects of climate change in New Zealand. Once I went on a holiday down the West Coast and there was a Glacier called Franz Josef. My mum nad Dad had been there 20 years before and the glacier had reached a big rock halfway up the valley. When we went to see it the glacier could only be seen in the distance as the temperature had increased and the glacier had melted.

This is happening all over the world including in Antarctica. This means that lots of ice is melting and the sea level will rise as all the water will go to the sea.

In New Zealand this year we had two big storms. The weather people think we will have more big storms because there is more energy in the atmosphere and so the storms will have more energy. The storms do lots of damage.

In Australia on the Great Barrier Reef the coral that makes up the reef is dying. Scientists say this is because the ocean is getting more acidic and so the coral is dying. This is because of hte Carbon Dioxide mixing with the water.

There are lots of other problems these are just a few.

Together we can

 1 So what can we do about this? Well together we can:

2 Ride our bikes instead of using our car for short journeys so we use less petrol

3 Sometimes you can share a lift with a friend so you use less petrol

4 Buy local things that have not traveled a long way

5 Use less plastic because plastic is made from oil

Thursday, 27 July 2017

American slavery

coI learnt how mean some of our history was and how some people had to survive on compared to what we think is normal do.  mpared to what we think is normal do.

go in the link to see it 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

          The Sleep Out                  
Rusty hinges cling to the wooden door all around the wooden walls  paint is falling off old corrugated iron lies  lifting slightly.  Inside it smells old and musty. Lots of dust shimmer in the sunlight on the walls. Leaning against the wall are old wood chests with nothing in any of them old nerf guns lay on the floor discarded by time. A bed hangs limp on the side of the wall with a dead  mattress sprawled out on it cowering from light and diaper.
By caleb

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

the museum.

                                                                      the museum.

Mahana school went the Motueka museum on Wednesday 7th

Wednesday, 5 April 2017



Did you know that 4,100 children die every day from diseases caused by contaminated water?

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