Sunday, 26 February 2017

Upper Moutere Swimming Sports

I see kids shouting at their school swimmers. I hear water slopping over the sides of the pool. "A grade boys!" G said into the mike. I go to the end of the pool Mr Neal over their go I dive into the pool and swim to the end  I  have  won!!                     

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  1. Hi, Caleb. Sounds like Mahana did pretty well at the Swimming Sports! Do some of you get to go to the Motueka ones too?

  2. Hey Caleb

    Please check your blogpost for punctuation and spelling. Do you remember how to use speech marks for what Grant was saying? Also, the word 'grad' needs some help. Let me know when you've made the changes please.

  3. can change the size of your photo to make it look more appealing. If you need help with this, I think John can help you out.

  4. Hello Caleb,
    I live in Canada in the province in Quebec. I like or post. I like to do swimmers in summer and do competition to swim. I like to no more thing about you. I'm in grade 6. Have a good day.
    By for now!

  5. Dear Caleb, Well done on coming 1st in your race!!!
    Great Job on your blog post it gave the reader a little taste of what our swim sport day is like and how it works. KA PAI